Friday, 8 May 2015

Lenin in an Orthodox Cassock

Near a Saint Petersburg metro station Narvskaya appeared a piece of graffiti indication the complete ideological mess that is all too present inside the Russian collective unconscious. Andrei Chatsky's 'Lenin in a cassock' was intended to highlight this. As he stated:

there's no way of describing the contemporary condition of the collective unconscious in Russia. In the heads of the ordinary man there is a wild cocktail which includes illusions about the greatness of the Soviet past, the god chosen destiny of the Russians and the sacred nature of Orthodoxy.

And yet clashes and inconsistencies between these various conceptions don't seem to bother many people. Lenin in an Orthodox cassock seems, therefore, a sign of the times levelling out all past contradictions and building up some absurd concocted world where all the incompatibles will fit in with each other. The graffiti appeared nearby another one with a television box and the symbol of the First Channel stating 'April 1st for 365 days'.