Sunday, 21 February 2016

Rezo Gabriadze's topiary Lenin.

Little did I expect on my visit to an exhibition dedicated to the great Georgian contemporary all-round artist, Rezo Gabriadze (theatre director, screenwriter, designer, painter, marionettist and so on), to discover that this artist too has items to add to the anthology of Lenin images. And yet, Lenin is there in Gabriadze's repertoire too in the unlikely guise of a tree.

Lenin's image is central to a fine drawn story of topiary artist Timofei who brings his art to the Caucasus. Timofei moulds two trees in the form of Lenin and Stalin and is at first rewarded for his splendid art but then after the tree statues fall victim to inclement weather he is then sought by the secret police.

In any case here are some of Rezo Gabriadze's splendid Lenin-as-tree portraits which illustrate the story.

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