Sunday, 20 August 2017

Lenin Peak (the highest Lenin bust in the world, in the Pamir Mountains)

Rather inacessible Lenin's don't just include the Lenin in the Antarctic but also those 7,000 metres above sea-level. One of the highest points in the Pamirs in Tajikistan. As wikipedia states:

Lenin Peak is the highest mountain in the Trans-Alay Range of Central Asia, and in the Pamir Mountains in Tajikistan it is exceeded only by Ismoil Somoni Peak (7,495 m). It was thought to be the highest point in the Pamirs in Tajikistan until 1933, when Ismoil Somoni Peak (known as Stalin Peak at the time) was climbed and found to be more than 300 metres higher. 

Here is a picture of the Lenin at the peak (arguably the highest Lenin bust in the world, unless someone can prove otherwise):

Here the wikipedia link to Lenin Peak (named in 1928)

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